Spring City Water Homepage
  • The Challenge

    Starting a new water bottle company can be difficult. This one is special. Coming from a small town in Utah called Spring City known for it's spring water and an amazing artist community, this company decided to marry the two. Each bottle features a local artist as well as donates a portion of the sale back to the community. They only needed a website to promote it.

Services Provided

  • Wireframes

  • Layout

  • Coding

  • Responsive Design

  • CMS Integration

The Solution

The design brief required that the site to be clean and modern. A stark black is mainly used with a teal secondary color is used to great effect. The website feautes bios of the featured artists along with their social media and website links. To manage the content the Statamic CMS was the perfect choice.

Spring City Water Artists

The Store

Along with buying their product in store (list found on the website as well), you can buy directly from them. The store uses SnipCart so managing inventory, sales, and shipping could be done effortlessly and quickly without the worry of security issues.

Spring City Water Store

Let's Work Together

Design should simplify, not complicate. Reach out to us with your design problems, and I'll untangle them to create user-friendly, effective solutions.