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  • The Challenge

    LDS Gamers original website was built on an old version of a Wordpress theme. There was no real identity and any development features that would have been added to the site was slow and buggy due to Wordpress' plugin nature. A branding identity and feature rich website would need to be created for the community to thrive.

Services Provided

  • Color Theory

  • Creative Thinking

  • UX

  • Vector Work

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Wireframes

  • Layout

  • Coding

  • Responsive Design

  • CMS Integration

The Solution

Since the community was focused on gamers that want a clean vulgar free experience, the branding had to be clear and straight forward. After the theme of the phoenix was chosen a simple logo was designed with the chosen base colors orange and dark gray.

LDSGamers Homepage

Focus on Content

The website features content written for the community by the community. Everything from opinions, news, and even game reviews is included on the blog. It also features a streaming schedule, game server status, streamers, and a featured community member. Content and member focus is at the heart of the site.

LDSGamers Articles

Shopping and CMS

Every good community needs SWAG. Snipcart was integrated into to the website to make managing inventory and orders a breeze. A easy to use but feature rich CMS named Statamic is being utilized for easy updates from a content and theme perspective.

LDSGamers Store

Let's Work Together

Design should simplify, not complicate. Reach out to us with your design problems, and I'll untangle them to create user-friendly, effective solutions.