• The Challenge

    With the original cryptocurrency contract in shambles because of mistakes made earlier, Island Coin needed a new brand and a new contract. Island Token was born and they needed a website. They trusted me to do just that.

Services Provided

  • Color Theory

  • Creative Thinking

  • UX

  • Graphic Design

  • Wireframes

  • Layout

  • Coding

  • Responsive Design

The Solution

Going for a bright clean feeling to match the island vibes they were wanting to go for. Not only that, but crypto is inherently hard to understand so the information needed to be delivered in a straight forward manner. The investor also needs a feeling of trust. This design accomplishes that. Feedback from the community on the new website was pure joy.


Modern Look for a Modern Tech

The website also features a lot of modern features to enhance the look and feel including a video background for the header and a parallaxing background for the Tokenomics section. Future considerations will include a CMS integration as well as additional pages.


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