• Grunt JS Basics Part 2

    Grunt JS Basics Part 2

    In the last GruntJS article I explained what GruntJS was, how to set it up and use a basic plugin to minify your Javascript. In this article we are going to look at some other plugins such as Watch, using Sass and Neat, and making a SVG sprite file automatically from a folder of SVGs.

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  • Tools of the Trade

    Tools of the Trade

    Throughout my career as a Graphic Design and a Front-End Developer I often get asked about the tools and applications that I use to create the things that I do. I thought now might be a good time to discuss that and what I like about them.

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  • Pure CSS Loader

    Pure CSS Loader

    Today's tutorial is going to be an easy one, but one that might change the way you do loading animations. I have seen many times people use SVG's and icon fonts to create an animated loading icon. This is all fine and good, but there is an easier way. A way with pure css.

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  • Easy Off Canvas Menu

    Easy Off Canvas Menu

    More and more the distinction between native app and web app are blurring. One of the design techniques that came into being from native apps is the off canvas menu. This technique has made its way over to web apps. But for whatever reason, it is somewhat confusing to understand to the front end developer. We are used to seeing and interacting with things that we can see on the screen at that time. In this tutorial I hope to give you a good base on how to create an off canvas menu and how to animated it using CSS and jQuery.

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